Announcing the Xbox Live Creators Program

9999999Today at GDC we announced the launch of Xbox Live Creators Program, you start with an Insider Preview which gives any developer the ability to publish Xbox Live-enabled games on Windows 10 PCs as well as Xbox One consoles.

The Creators Program provides game developers use of Xbox Live sign-in, presence and pick social features that will be integrated using their UWP games, and they can publish their game to Xbox One and Windows 10. What this means is your title can be seen by every Xbox One owner over the Xbox One category of devices, including Project Scorpio this holiday, in addition to billions of Windows 10 PCs.

What do you get using the Xbox Live Creators Program?

First, we have been opening publishing towards the Xbox One console. Using the Xbox Live Creators Program, you’ll be able to ship your UWP game on Xbox One, Windows 10 PC, or simultaneously for platforms. And since Xbox One offers players a curated store experience, games from your Creators Program will appear inside a new, distinct Creators game section in the Store.

Second, we%u2019re making it simple to integrate with Xbox Live with all the Xbox Live Creators SDK. Benefit from the following capabilities:

Xbox Live sign-in and profile, including gamertag.

Xbox Live presence, recently played and activity feed.

Xbox Live social, including friends, Game Hubs, clubs, party chat, gameDVR and Beam broadcast.

Xbox Live leaderboards and feature stats.

Title Storage and Connected Storage.

Any developer who wants to benefit from more Xbox Live capabilities and development and marketing support for his or her game should apply and sign up for the ID@Xbox program.

What tools can one develop with?

The Creators Program permits you to easily integrate Xbox Live to your existing UWP projects. Supported game engines include Construct 2, MonoGame, Unity and Xenko, and so they all create beautiful games. Others can also work. And, you can develop games for that console without a Dev Kit.

How do I begin?

Join the Developer Preview at This will give you usage of Creator%u2019s Program configuration pages is Dev Center.

Download and initiate while using Xbox Live Creators SDK.

Even though the Xbox Live Creators Program is at limited release to insiders, you can integrate and configure services using the SDK along with the Dev Center. However, you won’t be capable to publish towards the Store. We%u2019ll be enabling publishing in the future, so stay tuned for more!

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