Original Xbox Softmod Kit

top-12-gaming-2012Xbox Softmod Kit will softmod and buy some new Xbox within minutes through the touch of your respective controller having a pre-loaded usb memory to softmod the main Xbox. No requirement for action replay, xploder, modchips nor a screwdriver.

Xbox Softmod Kit consists of a usb memory and Splinter Cell. It is the only kit available online to upgrade and softmod your original Xbox. The usb sd card is pre-packed with the files required to softmod your Xbox. Splinter Cell is essential and provides entry to install the softmod. Anyone can softmod your Xbox within a few minutes to get into the newest popular features of installing emulators, ROMs, XBMC, homebrew games and also playing import & burned Xbox games.

To utilize the Xbox Softmod Kit simply plug and cargo the usb sd card for your Xbox, our tutorial will guide you from that point to put in the Xbox softmod. Xbox Softmod Kit can be used a never-ending volume of times on a huge selection of Xbox’s. Softmod your Xbox then softmod your friends as well. There’s no limit to what number of Xbox’s may be soft-modded with one Xbox Softmod Kit.

The Xbox Softmod Kit are able to do more than just increase your gaming. Once the Xbox softmod may be installed the Xbox will play DVD’s minus the DVD remote/dongle, play DVD’s on the region and play import and burned Video games out of your Xbox disc drive.

Xbox Softmod Features

Play retro game ROMs on installed emulators.

Play import, burned and homebrew Xbox games.

Access XBMC “Xbox Media Center” and hombrew apps.

Upload Xbox games for the Xbox hard drive.

Play DVD’s from any region w/o the DVD Movie Playback Kit.

Install unlimited Xbox softmods.

Includes video tutorials to guide you through all of the new Xbox softmod features.

Xbox Softmod Kit is accessible for NTSC and PAL regions.

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