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Five-Best-PC-Games-Of-2012FLIR. An advanced serious paranormal investigator, you’ve heard the name before. Great for detecting raccoons, cats, trespassers, anomalies, etc. Even many of the paranormal reality shows use FLIR thermal cams for investigating the unknown, but exactly how should it build up for practical investigations?

I had created wanted FLIR to deliver me a thermal cam BEFORE the Pennhurst event back on March 15th. However, I received the device the next day. Yeah. Was a bit bummed out. How cool wouldn’t it have already been to have it for Pennhurst State School?

I originally called FLIR for info on the brand new FLIR One unit they are releasing in the future. This latest unit attaches to a apple iphone 5 and can give some really great recent results for a very low cost($350 retail?)

Now, I am aware whatever you can be turning over… “Chris, you always say to keep your mobile phone turned off during investigations!” True. That can be done a couple of things here:

Use a FLIR One before starting your initial investigation.

Place your phone in Airplane Mode. (Your settings on your smart phone really should have this feature)

Anyway, FLIR had thought we would send me another type of thermal camera to evaluate from the field. The FLIR E8 thermal camera. Retailing for around $6,000, this model is top notch thermal cam. It has over 5 different thermal settings. You start to see the movie Predator? Yeah. Like this.

I must thank Pennhurst, all the amazing investigators, and Dawn from Haunted Entertainment for running a fantastic event at Pennhurst. Special thanks to Erik for bringing me some Mad Elf beer at the same time. Very awesome. We have some amazing results that night and shared great personal experiences too. Till next time..

There’s one other thing I’m working towards which i feel could customize the way many people look into the paranormal. It’s a awesome that is released late Spring. We are desperately taking care of getting my hands on one BEFORE retail release to create an assessment and test from the field. Should i be lucky, I may have this Prior to Pennhurst event on March 15th. Fingers crossed!

I will be very anxious to find out you at some of the events this season at the same time. Talking paranormal is fantastic with everyone in the paranormal community so helping keep focus on what exactly is most crucial… Investigating the paranormal. Thanks for all of your support! See you soon!

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