Survivalist has been Greenlit on Steam! + XBox 360 Christmas Sale!

landscape-1481544497-best-xbox-one-games-collageYes, by yesterday evening anyone that logs on top of the Steam Greenlight page may be greeted with that glorious sight:

Many, cheers to everyone that voted. Special shout-to people who’d totally game on XBLIG, Desura or IndieGameStand and found write positive comments regarding it about the Steam page.

What is next? I hope I’ll be capable of getting against each other out Steam pretty quickly – within the next month could be achieve. I’ll should integrate Steam Achievements with all the Awardments system I recently added, and I guess there may be some other Steamworks features worth using.

I also still have my to-do listing of bugs and suggested improvements to be effective on – although I hope to make no more it soon, at least draw a line under it. Another thing I’ll add is an alternate pair of default controls based around the WASD keys instead of the arrows – and a screen initially you listen to it asking which scheme you’d prefer – since it seemed that hard-to-reach keys would have been a not unheard of If you have an ideal key layout, please post it in this thread incidentally. My guess is that most hardcore PC gamers probably prefer WASD, but I’m unwilling to only make it the default outright because, well, the arrow keys have arrows to them…

Meanwhile, about the Xbox 360 System the latest patch is long gone peer review! This implies the changes from v23, v24 and v25 are actually on XBLIG: that also includes the Pause/Fast-Forward modes, a chance to craft Bandages from Cheap Vodka and Rags, Concrete Watchtowers, Awardments and the Cheat Menu being unlocked in the event you complete the sport. Plus there’s this:

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