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Got your brand-new Xbox wireless headset and want to connect it on your Xbox 360 System. Just abide by these steps :

First activate the Xbox and switch about the Xbox 360 System wireless headset using the power button during the wireless headset.

Now press and release the connect button around the Xbox 360 ( it’s the small round button around the front above the power button in the event you set your Xbox 360 Console vertically or left from the power button if you place it horizontally ).

Then press and holding the connect button for the wireless headset for approximately 3-5 seconds . You will find the ring associated with spinning and flashing untill it stays over a specific quadrant. Now your wireless headset is connected to the first quadrant around the ring of sunshine if not one other wireless headsets are connected.

When there is an invisible headset already connected to the first quadrant, and this headset will likely be connected to the second quadrant.

Note The wireless headset attached to the first quadrant will probably be associated to the controller coupled to the first quadrant, along with the headset linked to the second quadrant will probably be associated to the controller connected to the second quadrant.

And in case you want to associate the wireless headset with a controller associated with another quadrant, just press on the connect button untill it is going towards the quadrant you want it attached to. For example in order to connect it on the second quadrant press and release the connect button twice, third quadrant press and release three times.

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