[PS4] Jotun

The PS4 scene was focused on fire yesterday once the news of a 4.01 kernel exploit was displayed on the #GeekPwn conference, where Linux seemed to be displayed being operational, but what can it mean for the scene?

Edit: CVE-2016-1885 is not applicable for the PS4, Sony removed set_ldt after 1.76. Thanks to Red-EyeX32 for pointing this out.

While it’s difficult to 100% confirm the authenticity due to the deficiency of a release, the fact from it being showcased at this type of big conference attended by those even by famous brands George Hotz, it appears very probable that it is real. But don’t join the hype train so fast. Even though some people who follow me on Twitter may observe that I tweeted a congrats on the team who thought it was (ChaitinTech), their motives were unclear back then. Currently the motive is apparently coming into a clearer picture, and even though they certainly deserve to be congratulated for your work they did, what this implies could be very unique of what was originally thought.

This motivation looks like it’s the amount of money, as they’re reporting the bug right to Sony for patching. Also is the chance of them letting it go looks like it’s minimal, so effectively they burned a userland exploit As well as a kernel exploit, plus they mightn’t even release it to progress the scene any additional than 1.76. If this sounds like the case, this hurts the expansion scene greater than it helps it.

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