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games_of_2013_wallpaper_by_sakis25_by_sakis25-d5m89m5-1050x600As a number of you who read my blog frequently might have noticed, I used to be attempting for some time to acquire a shell going on the PS4 on firmware 3.55 through execve – all to determine that /bin/sh had not been even existent on the PS4, in-fact the /bin directory doesn’t exist whatsoever! When I was not ever associated with any help 1.76 I did not realize this in the beginning, however if you simply possess a PS4 on 1.76 you can test this out, there is absolutely no /bin directory. I stated after that that we planned to take a rest from PS4 related exploitation, and concentrate on building my knowledge more in your neighborhood, on the other hand still like to look around and see what is going on with regards to the PS4, and I noticed a few threads from someone called “NGCheats”.

Now as I pointed out inside my previous article, “/bin/sh” Can be a string that’s a part of libkernel, but maxton i speculated rrt had been just remaining from FreeBSD and Sony didn’t take it off. There is no way to invoke /bin/sh or /bin/bash, because they do not exist.

Now the threads I speak of contain claims with the PS4 being rooted all night . shell access, nevertheless the threads created do not have any validity for many years. It’s not to convey anything regarding the websites or those who run them, as these are merely threads that could really be authored by anyone, but it’s very doubtful and may be used which has a substantial a dose of skepticism (aka. don’t improve your PS4’s from your lower FW to 4. just according to this claim)

Considering just how long PS4 4. FW continues to be out, the prospect of obtaining a potential security bug in WebKit or anything similar, writing an exploit because of it, then also finding and writing an exploit to rescue their life from the jail / escalate to root privileges in a matter of weeks is in fact impossible. The screenshots are also completely unrelated on the PS4 itself. It is rather likely NGCheats is either looking to get some attention from scene followers, or he doesn’t actually know what’s happening which is somehow posting invalid information.

He’s made other type of wild claims at the same time, like the PS4 runs on PPC assembly. It’s not correct, the PS3 ran on PPC as it used the CELL processor, however we all know that the PS4 runs using Intel x86_64 assembly, you will see this when you dump modules from memory and look at them in IDA, because the instruction sizes usually are not even fixed (in PPC, instructions are common fixed to four bytes (so a NOP could be 0x60000000), wherein Intel x86/x86_64 is variable instruction sizes (a NOP could be 0x90)).

Claims such as this, especially to this degree, ought to be taken with a dose of skepticism if no tangible code is supplied to offer reproducible results, especially from a person that doesn’t need much credibility within the scene. So those people who are on 3.55 firmwares or lower, no, do not update until reproducible results are produce of a real testable release.

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