PS4 Firmware Update 5.0 will Allow You to Change your PSN ID

saints42Finally, leaks start to popping out from nowhere days before PS4 paper launch. This time PS4 controller pics are already emerged online. Some says they’re prototypes. But a lot of them voice it out%u2019s indeed a final controller. Certain parts in the new controller looks inspired from Playstation Vita and xbox 360 system controllers. Over the controller there%u2019s Move Tracking Light glowing. In the center with the touchpad there%u2019s the numbered. Along with the analog sticks are modified. Between the two analog sticks there%u2019s the Playstation button. Above that you can see speaker and below that one could see a mystery port. It could be a good jack as well. As there are mysterious button near the new D-Pad. Possibly share button or select button.

Feb 20 Update : Couple of hours left to start out PS Event And here’s another leak folks who wants wait.

The long awaited moment has become arrived. Sony Corp. is intending to unveil its next-generation home videogame console after a February event, showing a successor towards the current Ps3 system. Probably the PS4 (aka.PlayStation 4).

Sources say Ps3 successor will be released with new redesigned controller. And launch after 4 seasons in Japan and also the US. PlayStation 4%u2019s European launch will track during the early 2014.

A few other news is the fact that GTA 5 is late as itPercentu2019s on development for PS4. And Ubisoft is focusing on a PS4 title %u201CIvory Tower%u201D which can be quite a launch title. And uncharted 4 could be another launch title for PS4

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