Ancient Beast updated and the Deceiver

horizon-guerrillaHeya! It%u2019s been to much time considering that the last release, about three years while indeed.We%u2019ve finally repaired the prototype and added several new playable creatures, together with more features,goodies and bug fixes, plus all the old units have been virtually revamped.

A huge amount of work, but it was totally worth every pennyAncient Beast is a player vs player turn based strategy game played online where you command all manner of creatures (3D printed! Beware the potency of playing God!) in the battle for supremacy within the ruins of the apocolypse. As well. Sounds fun. 🙂

Deceiver (formerly “The Yearning”) may be rebranded in the latest update. GPL licensed code can be obtained on github, and there is a steady history of updates returning to college 2 years, though the assets remain copyright from the developer.Same with it Free Software? Purists would justifiably refuse. As an example, no OS (Linux, BSD etc) distribution could include it devoid of the developer’s express consent. I can see the reasons for heading down this path because the developer is now approaching publishers, all night . anybody capable of taking his game and publish it externally would be an issue of contention. That can bring us returning to a well used topic of dialogue – can we really monetize a no cost Software game project without compromising for the licensing of any part of it?Some would say this type of game shouldn’t even be visible on this web site, but due to the relative inactivity from the blog you’ll have to indulge me this once for discussion purposes regardless of anything else!

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