Firewatch PS4 Game Review


Whenever I hear that something carries a “Twin Peaks” vibe I’m always curious to give it a look. I’d describe myself as being a casual fan of gaming therefore i felt almost obligated to see Firewatch once i read about the curious linkages it supposedly needed to Twin Peaks. As being a self described Twin Peaks Fanatic, I was thinking if Firewatch was anything like Twin Peaks, I’d without doubt adore it. I made a decision to download Firewatch on my small PS4 and figured for the price tag on $17.99 only didn’t like it, there may not be a great loss. As that it was, Firewatch surprised me in the unexpected way and ended up being an extremely various and cool game.


Amongst people, you are Henry, played by Rich Sommer, some might him termed as the unlikable Harry Crane from Mad Men. In Firewatch, Henry is a somewhat lost soul, whose chose to require a task for the Wyoming National Park Service during the summer time of 1989 like a lookout. In said job, he spends most of his privacy within a secluded fire tower whilst keeping an eye out for fires and potential fire hazards. Henry’s only connection external world arises from conversations over a walkie talkie from his boss, Delilah, played by Cissy Jones. She resides at another watch tower conversely with the forest and you never see her. Delilah is a bit of a flirt and determined by what answers you decide to present her with in the process, you learn more about Henry’s emotional state using their conversations.

In the beginning of Firewatch, you go through a series of questions that add Henry’s backstory and also you learn that his wife, Julia, was clinically determined to have early Alzheimer’s disease. Subsequently, Henry had to put her inside a permanent care hospital at a young age and that he seems to be prone to guilty feelings over that call. Upon his arrival in Wyoming, Henry begins his summer of isolation and discovers some mysterious happenings from the forest. At the beginning of summer time, he encounters two teenage girls who tripped fireworks and then leave their trash all over the park. Later these girls wander away, which leaves Delilah and Henry concerned, since Henry was the last person to encounter them.

Because summer progresses, Henry and Delilah’s walkie talkie chats become a little more intimate and simultaneously they grow suspicious that someone is listening in on their conversations. Delilah also talks somewhat often of a previous lookout who stumbled on the park a number of summers before regarding his son Brian, both whom have since disappeared. As Henry searches the park on his daily hikes, he ultimately learns that poor Brian still existed to die within a cave by his father when Henry finds the decayed body of the boy. Henry later learns that Brian’s father is the one that was hearing him and Delilah and possesses been living like a hermit in the forest since Brian’s death, which his father claims only agreed to be a major accident. What’s more, it turns out both the girls who went missing actually just ran off and put together a lot alive.

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