Nintendo released a 51 second gameplay trailer for the upcoming . The game is currently scheduled to release exclusively on the Wii U starting April 22nd in 2016.

The trailer is nothing but pure gameplay footage, detailing plenty of the high impact, arcade shooting that fans of the series can expect to encounter with the game, along with a few of the different levels that will challenge the aiming skills and reflexes of the average gamer. It’s all mostly generic fight and flight combat that we’ve come to recognize from the series, so there’s nothing really new on display that you may not have already seen before. You can check out the video below from Nintendo’s official Japanese YouTube channel.

As per usual, the comment section on the video is completely locked down, so there’s no way to know exactly what the average gamer thinks about the footage above. I always like to get a good gauge on what people are thinking about the product before it releases, and despite people constantly complaining about the quality of YouTube comments, I do have to admit that YouTube comments are as honest as they come and are a great barometer of what the average customer thinks.

Nevertheless, the like to dislike ratio on the video above sits at 199 likes to 64 dislikes as of the publishing of this article.

Given that the comments are disabled, it’s impossible to know exactly what it is people disliked about the video.

Anyway, this short clip follows on some more recent gameplay footage that was released for on November 12th, where Nintendo revealed more about some of the additional vehicles players will be able to operate and some of the extra features that are exclusive to the GamePad.

It’s funny because the Wii U was actually going to have released during the summer following E3, and then the fall would have see Eiji Aonuma’s for the Wii U released shortly thereafter. However, Aonuma and the rest of the crew wanted more time to work on the open-world title, so it was pushed back into 2016 at a date yet to be announced. was going to replace as the big fall release, but also suffered delays and will now land on store shelves and Nintendo’s digital outlet on April 22nd in 2016.

Anyway, the game looks okay but it’s certainly not pushing any new boundaries or housing any kind of content that’s really standout. Maybe leading up to release they’ll show something more to actually “wow” and tantalize fans.

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