One of the hot topics surrounding for its North American release has been the removal of the option to alter the female custom character chest size. According to a representative for the company, Nintendo of America did not make everyone privy to the details regarding the change.

Instead of simply complaining about the removal of the boob slider in the character customization of for the western release of the game, hardcore gamers decided to get proactive. Censorship has been a serious problem in gaming as of late in the western world and instead of lying down and letting gaming culture become co-opted, gamers decided to politely but sternly reach out and contact Nintendo of America.

There’s a thread where e-mail campaigns have been organized over on GameFaqs. A few days ago user Kamon started the thread with the intent of reaching out to Nintendo of America, not unlike the e-mail campaigns that gamers put together throughout last year during the heavy Operation Disrespectful Nod for #GamerGate.

Kamon encouraged the users to not just sit around and whine on YouTube videos and message boards, stating…

Many of the individuals in the thread sent e-mails and received replies from Nintendo, with varying messages. L033 received the most interesting response from Nintendo of America’s Naomi Martinez, where they posted the message in which Martinez stated…

I reached out to Eileen Tanner from Golin Harris who handles press for Nintendo in North America to ask whether or not Nintendo was aware of the localization issue with being ported to North America and the removal of the character customization feature. At the time of the writing of this article there hasn’t been a response but the article will be updated if there is one.

Things originally kicked off last week when it was revealed that there were some minor changes to , some regarding minor translations differences and others including the removal of the bust/boob/breast slider in the character customization for female characters. In the Japanese version of the game the feature allows players to raise and lower the setting of the female chest size, but in the North American version the feature is missing, forcing players to have a standardized chest size for all created female characters.

At first gamers simply took to social media and new wave media like YouTube to complain about the omission of the feature. Soon thereafter gamers like Kadon began getting proactive and organizing e-mail campaigns, opposite of the individuals on 4chan who groveled about the issues but weren’t inclined to do much else, very similar to how they complained about corruption in games journalism but opted to ban and censor #GamerGate discussion on the threads.

Some people argue that adding boob sliders in a game will bump the PEGI and ESRB ratings into 18+ or the Mature territory. However, as it’s been stated many times before, games with teen ratings such as and have all included boob sliders while maintaining their teen rating.

Nevertheless, if you feel that censorship in gaming is an important issue and that developers slowly removing content to suit the sensibilities of a certain political sect in North America is not something you want to see more games follow, be sure to make your voice heard and politely contact Nintendo via their official website.

[Update: Additionally, if you receive a response from Nintendo, feel free to share the response over on the e-mail campaign thread on Gamefaqs]

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