The e-mail operation campaigns that GameFaqs user Kamon had organized to help disgruntled gamers angry about the features being removed from were gaining a lot of traction and momentum for a short while… until things came to an end when the campaigns began getting censored on GameFaqs.

In an article about Nintendo responding to consumer complaints about the missing features in the North American release of , there was a link to a board on GameFaqs that was used to organize the e-mails and collect Nintendo’s responses. As the thread went on the responses from Nintendo started to become very interesting, as they were tailoring some of their messages specifically to some users who were expressing discontent about the removal of the character customization feature for the females in the American version of .

However, if you attempt to click on the link to the e-mail campaign thread you’ll notice that the following message now appears.

The topics about the game being censored are still allowed, but e-mail campaigns and activism seem to have been brought to a halt.

A few users in one thread noticed this, with sneakysnake writing…

Users on GameFaqs were terribly curious about why the well organized campaigns setup by Kamon were no longer allowed on the board. In the forum on GameFaqs called “Ask the Mods” One of the moderators at GameFaqs, going by the handle of gmo7897 [backup], explained that users were not allowed to ask about topics related to moderation but that the likely cause was that the e-mail campaigns were off topic, stating…

So you’re not allowed to ask about topics that can be instantly banned or censored without rhyme or reason?

This kind of rule was previously applied by other sites like Reddit, 4chan and N4G when the topic of video game journalism corruption surfaced. The administrators and moderators had stated that video game journalism was not gaming news and therefore should not be discussed on gaming news websites like N4G… a site which is ironically called “News 4 Gamers” .

In this case, the e-mail campaigns about the censorship of are allegedly not allowed on the discussion threads on GameFaqs. It is okay to discuss the censorship itself on GameFaqs, they just don’t want you to do anything about it.

However, gamers who feel compelled to stand up for their hobby should be able to do something about it. You can use the contact forum on and attempt to reach out to Nintendo of America regarding the matter. Alternatively, e-mail campaigns and operations against censorship can be organized on Kotaku in Action.

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