Typoman is a new indie platform game developed by Brainseed Factory and published by Headup Games, where you must rearrange letters to solve puzzles to help you navigate the stage. There’s a complete walkthrough guide available for the game since its release for the Wii U.

Earlier this year, Nintendo had announced a list of indie games that would be coming to the Wii U, which they call “Nindies”. One of their latest titles that was just released last month on November 19th, is called Typoman. The game starts off with you playing a single letter to find the other letters in the area, which eventually spells out the word Hero, and with those letters, Typoman forms his body to venture forth into the world.

Typoman consists of a series of puzzles that oftentimes block your progress to keep you from moving forward. There is normally a clever word puzzle that you need to figure out and solve to move on to the next area, such as a string of letters that you need to rearrange to open a door, let down a bridge, or flip a switch in order to move on to the next area. If the letters “NO” are lying on the ground, you may need to pick them up and rearrange them to form the word “ON”, which will allow you to flip a switch to turn the power on to open a nearby door.

Typoman isn’t all puzzle solving though, your hero will be faced with fighting challenging boss monsters that will chase you around to add an additional challenge to solving the puzzles, as well as jumping across large chasms filled with spiky letters that will kill you if you happen to fall to your death.
The YouTube channel Blue Bomber uploaded a gameplay walkthrough that shows the entire game from the beginning all the way to the end, which is very long. You can see the clever word-based puzzles for yourself.

Typoman has unique visual effects that makes the game look like a mix of ink and watercolor paintings. The music has an eerie vibe to it which gives the game a bit of a sad feeling, almost like something Tim Burton might come up with if it had a few more skeletons in it — especially when you notice all the graves and tombstones in the background of the first stage, as well as all of the destroyed buildings that are littered around the environment.

But if you are interested in this new Nindie title, Typoman is now available for $13.99 from the Wii U eShop. You can also visit the official Typoman website for further details.

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