The Wii U may be considered a “dead” console amongst many gamers but seems to be able to resuscitate even dead consoles.

According to Nintendo Everything – not to be confused with Nintendo Enthusiast, Nintendo Everywhere, Nintendo Anywhere and Nintendo Somewhere – is already the top selling game on the eShop at the moment and has become the ninth best selling game of all time on the Japanese eShop for the Wii U. That’s an impressive feat right there.

The stats are listed over on the official software ranking page on the Japanese Nintendo website.

The first page shows what’s currently selling well on the eShop, and at the number one spot is , while the second and third spot are filled by and the original , respectively. The fourth and fifth spot are filled out with and .

The top ranking for the best selling games of all time on the eShop shows a few different rankings within the category. We see that the number one game on the list at the moment is followed by and .

rests in the ninth spot on the best of all time, behind the and the legendary .

Despite only having launched in the middle of December on the 17th, the game has already climbed significantly high up the sales charts in just 10 days.

Microsoft is probably happy they took the initiative to get the game onto Nintendo’s platforms because everyone could easily see that the property was a gold mine for the Big ‘N’ and Microsoft alike. Hopefully they’ll move a bit quicker when it comes to the Nintendo NX and getting up and out for the system instead of waiting until near the end of the generation (for Nintendo, anyway).

is available right now around the globe for Nintendo’s little Wii U.

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