This week was an odd one. It included the ESRB not necessarily denying that they may have had something to do with the censorship. There was also the case of continued outcry from the community, resulting in plenty of anger and salt.

was fully funded at $3.3 million by crowd-funding. The Nintendo NX is rumored to be announced in June. And the biggest piece of news that came out of this week came in the form of , where an interesting situation popped involving perma-bans that occurred in result of off-site activity. These stories and more much in this January 9th, 2016 edition of the Weekly Recap here at One Angry Gamer.


Final Fantasy XV Release Date Set For November?

A leak from Amazon Japan appears to indicate that could be releasing on November 30th in 2016 later this year. However, this follows from a previous listing that showed that the game could be releasing as soon as June of this year. has been confirmed to launch on PC for Windows 10 in March. If you were wondering if would have a multiplayer mode… it won’t. Guerrilla Games explained why they’re making a single-player online title for the PS4. And could be getting more offline modes for both single-player and multiplayer, with DICE considering how to overcome the technical hurdles to make it possible.


ESRB Addresses Street Fighter V Censorship

The ESRB finally provided statements on the censorship issues regarding and they’re about as vague as you would expect. A new teaser video was released for the upcoming . A game called #BlockLivesMatter managed to create quite the stir when it was banned from being discussed on NeoGaf, and garnered tons of support from gamers around the web. Microsoft and Platinum Games have officially delayed into 2017. Bandai Namco have released a batch of new screenshots for for the PS3, PS4 and PC. The game is an isometric sandbox MMO that is prepping to head into Early access in March. And joining the list of other titles delayed… Armature Studios’ has been pushed out of its spring release and moved further back into 2016… on the upside the game is at least getting a release on PC alongside the Xbox one release.


Steam Made Billions In 2015
Whether directly or indirectly, Steam was the cause of a lot of revenue being shifted for publishers and developers throughout 2015 according to a new report from Steam Spy. InXile Entertainment’s will officially enter beta testing later in January and will enter Early Access on January 26th. You can check out some of the top winners from the Ludum Dare and who came away with what during this year’s event. Despite generating a lot of worries over a slow start in sales throughout November, Microsoft has stated that has managed to shift more than a million units by the time December came to a close. And EA has confirmed the official release date for , which is set to go live on the Xbox One and PS4 starting March 15th, 2016.


Game Piracy Could Go Away

The piracy game could be changing for good, according to one of the big groups in piracy who have stated that in two years the ability to crack games will no longer be possible. Lightning has joined the Louis Vuitton advertising campaign to promote new clothes and accessories. Steam’s rating system gets completely railed on due to a new game about fapping. Yes… a game about fapping almost broke people’s perception of Steam. received some additional information and details on the gameplay and it looks like gamers will get to imitate Xena with a Chakram. And the Oculus Rift has been priced with a release date… you’ll need to pay $599 for the Rift.


Star Citizen Backers Could Get Banned For Off-Site Activity

You want to know something crazy… what you do off the site of Roberts Space Industries could end up costing you your account on the site. It’s all detailed in a lengthy expose. A really visually catchy game called has made its way to Steam, and it’s a bit like the games for the Nintendo 3DS. A neat brawler title like the called is nearing release on Steam. And the Nintendo NX could be coming a lot sooner than many of us think, with a full announcement possibly due at this year’s E3 event in June.


Planetary Annihilation Keeps The Salt Flowing

A developer making a silly decision and causing massive outcry from the fans? Well, that seems to be par the course these days. Uber Entertainment’s still has fans on edge after the latest expansion went on sale and a bunch of people had those salty wounds reopened. There’s a new game called that’s like and some fans have a problem that it’s like . A new walking simulator called has made its way onto Steam’s Early Access. A cool four-player game called is a racing game that really challenges players in both critical thinking and fast reflexes and it’s coming to the PS4. And there’s a new gaming laptop called the Razer Blade Stealth that comes with an external Razer Core GPU.

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