The CEMU 1.3.0 has been released for the public and is available to download right now. What is the CEMU? It’s a Wii U emulator and it can run some games with decent frame-rates and rendering.

The CEMU has been developing at a steady rate. It’s not open-sourced like some of the other emulators in the scene, which are rapidly expanding. Even still, games like are running far better than most people expected, and over on the emulation sub-Reddit there’s a video showing how well the CEMU 1.3.0 runs . You can check it out below.

Some users were wondering exactly why the team hasn’t made the CEMU 1.3.0 open source like the Dolphin emulator, to hurry along the development. However, the lead developer made it known that they weren’t going to be making it open source unless no other developers are working on the project because they get stuck or all the developers up and abandon the project.

For the time being, it’s not much of a point in arguing on behalf of the CEMU going open source when it can run a lot of Wii U games decently enough.

Even games like and appear to run a lot better than they have any right to, resulting in a lot of fans being excited at the possibility of buying Wii U games and dumping on their PC to play them at 4K and with 60fps hacks.

You can check out how well runs with the video below from YouTuber Emulator_Team.

It’s pretty obvious that there’s still some shader issues they need to work out with the 3D entities, and they still need to get the speed up to par. All things considered, the progress is looking good.

You can download the latest version of the CEMU 1.3.0 emulator by hitting up the forum page on the website.

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