The 3D fighting arena game Pokken Tournament has gained a new fighter on its roster, which is none other than Sceptile. Best known as its base stage as Treecko or second stage Grovyle, Sceptile joins the ranks of being a playable Pokémon in Pokken Tournament.

Bandai Namco and Nintendo’s Pokken Tournament features an all new playable character to the growing list of Pokémon in the game, and that includes the deadly grass type Sceptile. I do have to admit, this Pokémon was one of my favorites, and its good to see it getting some more attention by making it into Pokken Tournament.

According to the new introduction trailer for Sceptile, it looks like a med to close range fighter that has some quick combos for getting in some fast jabs. The mix between med distance and quick moves seems like an interesting combination since you can link those two styles seamlessly together.

Jukain or Sceptile is a very formidable opponent in the Pokémon series, and seems like there will be no exception in Pokken. Adding on to the arrival of Sceptile comes both the original 150 or 151 Pokémon, Farfetch’d and the explosive Electrode. Farfetch’d will play as assist characters during battles and will work by using attacks like Quick Attack or Fury Attack, while Electrode, well… Explodes.

The latest trailer for the game runs for one minute and 45 seconds, and highlights Sceptile’s variety of moves that can set its opponents up for quick fatal attacks. You can check the latest trailer out below, courtesy of Bandai Namco‘s YouTube channel.

With the latest addition of the grass type Pokémon, Sceptile, Pokken Tournament sports 12 characters in total. Obviously, the number will increase as time goes on and will probably have a bigger list until its Wii U release in Spring 2016, but as of now, Pokken fans will have to wait and see.

Lastly, if you want to get in on the pocket monster arena fun, Pokken Tournament will be available to play sometime during next Spring of 2016.

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