GalaxyTrail Games announced that the side-scrolling platformer that captured the essence of better than any recent Sega title, is getting a sequel. is currently in development on the Unity 3D game engine and it features a number of new improvements to the base game.

Over on the official Twitter account for GalaxyTrail they announced the title along with revealing the voice cast, including Kaptain Kalaw being voiced by Josh Grelle; Chris Sabat voicing the new character Askal; the roboticist Aaa is voiced by Sarah Anne Williams; the mercenary pilot Corazon is voiced by Lindsay Jones; the ambassador Cordelia is being voiced by Victoria Vitti; and the main villain Merga is being voiced by Morgan Berry. You can check out the official announcement trailer for below.

There’s a reposted message from GalaxyTrail on /r/Games/ where they reveal a bit more about the design mechanisms and upgrades that they’re implementing for the sequel. This includes all three main characters – Lilac, Carol and Millia – returning as playable characters with new special attacks and art designs.

They’ve revamped both the Adventure and Classic mode, making the Adventure mode closer to the likes of with a world hub. Classic mode will be closer to the older side-scrolling titles where they were streamlined with levels played consecutively so that you could beat the game within a single day (if you were good enough). Adventure mode would also be perfect for casual play while the Classic mode sounds like it’s more fine-tuned for speedrunners.

They’re adding a new guard and parry system for the combat, so players will have more options in how they defend themselves during combat. The reason they wanted to add this feature is so that they can get a bit more “crazy” with the bosses in the game. They also want to add a more customizable difficulty setting and a revival system that can be turned on or off.

One of the other big changes is that they’ve focused more on taking advantage of the Unity 5 physics system and they have commissioned Taxman to work on the physics so that it feels as smooth as the original , but it also will sport improved gameplay and world systems.

The soundtrack for the game will retain its 1990s synth feel according to the post, with the original composers returning to do work on the sequel to follow up on the work they did on the first title.

If this seems like a whole lot of info on a game you still don’t understand or get, don’t sweat it. The original was like a clone done better than . I know that sounds like blasphemy but just check out the speedrun below from Mylexsi to get an idea of what the gameplay was like in the original.

That’s the kind of game we all wish Sega would make starring Sonic and Tails, but they seem completely fixated on burying the blue hedgehog under some of the worst platforming games in recent history. It’s a real shame.

Anyway, if GalaxTrail Games continues to pump out quality titles and make incremental upgrades while retaining their core fanbase, then maybe one day we’ll see characters working as a mascot for some platform in the future, eh?

The game is scheduled to launch on PC first followed by a release on Nintendo platforms at a later date. You can keep track of the development of by visiting the game’s official website.

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