The modders behind the project for the Wii have come back to the table to showcase their efforts and what they’ve accomplished so far. This has occurred after a two year hiatus. According to the lead on the project it was because life is a little female dog.

Hardcore Gamer spotted the newly posted trailer for January 2016, arriving just two years on the dot after the last trailer for the project, which was way back in January of 2014. You can check it out below.

That music is straight up righteous.

If the game looks like a ton of fun and like something you would want to play all day and all night, it’s because it’s undergone a lot of reiteration to get to the point where it is.

The project lead explained in the YouTube description why there was such a delay and why this modded game for the Wii has been MIA for the past two years…

The hack is still a labor of love and is moving along at a really slow pace because it’s important to get it done right the first time around.

According to the developer there had to be a lot of tweaks and modifications made to get everything just right. Some of the new features include sprite hacks to resize them to create new enemy types, as well as the all new Hammer Suit, based on the annoying hammer throwing Hammer Bro. Except players get to annoy the piss out of the AI by throwing hammers at them instead.

The common question from the community is when they can expect to get their hands on the title. Well, it’s laid out clear as day on the YouTube page by the modder…

The project has been in development for the past four years, and was originally announced by modder Haden64 over on the RVLution forums.

I’m really digging the music, it’s actually better than the original theme. I’m looking forward to seeing this project finalized.

You’ll need either a Wii emulator or a modded Wii if you plan on taking for a spin… whenever it does release.

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